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      From a young age, Sara has, for some reason, been passionate about writing things down. Her work has been published in various mediums since 2007. In her years with Greater New York Mensa, Sara was a driving force in the reconstruction, publishing, assembling, and disseminating of Mphasis, the local newsletter. She has also been published in the national Mensa Bulletin, with fiery op-eds and monthly columns accessible to Mensa's 50,000 members.

      Her thesis was an examination of the long-neglected identity of the psychoanalyst through the lens of performance art. It has officially made the slow transition from esoteric academic nonsense to palatable non-fiction for mental health professionals -- you can learn more about it here. She also has published prose in numerous literary journals, two of which are linked below. Her ultimate goal is to become a novelist full-time.

      Sara is also a recovering poet, with work appearing in a collection called In My Lifetime: Enlightenment.

     In her spare time, she works in the art world as a live figure and commercial model. She likes long walks on the beach, short walks to Costco, and networking – so don't be afraid to drop her a line on a social media platform.

Also, I was in
The Wall Street Journal for a viral tweet. Cut me some slack -- it means a lot in this day and age.

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      Sara London is an author, intellectual, freelance journalist, and Astoria resident. She produces articles and blog posts about health, wellness, psychology, business news, work/life balance, and the future of work – and she's always interested in new gigs to fund her many hare-brained schemes.

       In 2020, Sara earned her master's degree from NYU's Gallatin School in an individualized study program focused on psychology – in particular, psychoanalysis. In April 2020, she also earned a certificate in Entrepreneurship Essentials from the Harvard Business School.

       Sara is the former President of the Board of Directors of Greater New York Mensa – the youngest ever president and first female in 20 years. She served on the board for six years as webmaster, events planner, PR coordinator, HR coordinator, and general renaissance woman.


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