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VIRTUAL LECTURE: Coming Into Being: The Psychology of Performing as Yourself

Thanks to Greater New York Mensa for allowing my the platform to give this talk! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you're interested in any of these topics, as I'd be happy to talk about Carl Jung and authenticity far and wide for any audience to hear. Recorded 3/6/2021.

In the modern age, as technology has become a cornerstone of socialization, work-obsessed lifestyles are á la mode, and public activism is enmeshed with private life, performance and authenticity have become almost indistinguishable. What does it mean to perform, in one’s role or outside of it? And does that constitute inauthenticity? In this talk, we're going to take a psychoanalytic look through the eyes of Carl Jung and other theorists at how recognizing performance, genuine or otherwise, can help lead to a more insightful and stable sense of self.⁠

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