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        The year 2020 has brought about some of the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles in many of our lifetimes: a global pandemic requiring self-quarantine, high unemployment resulting in economic instability for many, and a re-ignition of widespread civil rights awareness by way of protests, leading to violent federal law enforcement reactions. Though while the world around us has deteriorated, in conjunction with the physical and mental health of many American citizens, we endure - whether employed or unemployed, we've found creative ways to spend these newfound down-time hours indoors, sometimes in solitude, to cultivate passions we've long been neglecting within ourselves. 

        I myself, in my dolorous unemployment, started a blog. And now that the world is beginning to open back up, and I'm officially an employed person once again, I've decided to keep this around both as a relic of what I did over the pandemic, and to keep my many fans and admirers aware of all the things I'm thinking, reading, doing and seeing. "I didn't ask for one," you might be saying, "there are enough unsolicited thoughts on the internet! And for the record, you have no fans and admirers - you have 11 followers on Twitter." Well, I didn't ask you, how about that!


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